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Upcoming Events

24th May. 2015, 15h
Verbotene Bilder
Lecture by Hiroko HAGIWARA

30th May. 2015, 17h
Verbotene Bilder
Lecture by Vladimir Tikhonov

30th May. 2015, 20h
Verbotene Bilder
Reading and music

04th Jun. 2015, 20h
Was ist draußen?
Lecture by Mihnea Mircan


Impressions of the nGbK members meeting with the project presentations for 2016 and the election of the new project groups:

No play - Feminist Training Camp    
Exhibition, Stage, Workshops, Publication
>Freja Bäckman, Enna Gerin, Merja Hannikainen, Annika Högner,
Vappu Jaonen, Clara López Menendez

Fatherfigures are hard to find    
Exhibition, Events
>Alicia Agustín, Raoul Klooker, Markues Aviv, Tucké Royale, Vince Tillotson

contesting & contexting SPORT    
Exhibition, Events
>Mikel Aristegui, Željko Blaće, Caitlin D. Fisher, Carmen Grimm,
Ilaa Tietz, Tom Weller

Necessità dei Volti: A Dialogical Procedure    
Research project
>Michael Baers, Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Patrizio Esposito, Jean Lamore, Fatima Mahfoud

ENE MEINE MUH… UND WELCHE STADT WILLST DU? - Beiträge zum Berliner Wahlherbst 2016    
Research + Exhibition + Event + Publication project
>Erik Göngrich, Heimo Lattner, Katja Reichard, Ines Schaber, Florian Wüst

Animal Lovers    
Exhibition, Events, Publication
>Ursula Damm, Hörner/Antlfinger, Anne Hölck, Mareike Maage,
Friedrike Schmitz