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International Open Art Competition of the nGbK Berlin
"Mitte in der Pampa [The Middle in Nowhere]" - Art in the Underground 2016/17
Call for proposals for site-specific works in the area of the Berlin U-Bahn stations along the lines U55 (2016) and U5 (2016/17) between Berlin Main Station and Cottbusser Platz
Submission until: 5 June, 2016

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Questions and Answers regarding the competition 2016

>Is it possible to get the rent for billboard advertising in the Underground sponsored by the company who markets them?
nGbK will negotiate the possibility of the sponsorship of billboards in the Underground with the responsible company after the selection of the art works. Negotiations are dependant on location, amount and length of use of the billboards and they cannot therefore be made before the selection. For this reason we ask for a generalised calculation of 500 Euro per billboard per month.

>I have a question about the condition of the ground on the open land at Cotbusser Platz: How long has it been an open space, what was there before, and is it possible to you grow food that can be safely eaten from the land, maybe only parts of it are safe?
Parts of the open space have existed since before the surrounding estates were built, other parts housed a school from ca. 1989 to ca. 2005, when it was demolished. As the quality of the ground is unknown, we recommend that any foods be grown in raised beds with new soil. The new soil and such raised beds of course need to be included in the cost sheet required with the submitted idea.

>I would like to know if barbeques are allowed on the open land at Cottbusser Platz station?
If your idea is chosen by the selectors, the work group "Art in the Underground" would apply for permission at the local Council for barbeques as part of an artistic project. At his stage, we have no gurantee that permission would be granted. If you need to have an idea of the chances of getting permission now, please contact the Council hier: Bezirksamt Marzahn-Hellersdorf, 030-9(0)293-7100, Kirsten.Schlaewicke[a]ba-mh.berlin.de

>Does the submission have to be made by email and by post?
No, either by email or by post or both. The email and Appendice 1 formular are of course not anonymous. Everything else you submitt must be anonymous (see call paper, "1.11. Submission"). The selectors only look at the anonymous material.

>Do the artists have to get permission to use the open land or does the nGbK organise permission?
The nGbK organises each required permission.

>Does the nGbK have an insurance policy for events or should this be calculated in the submitted cost sheet?
nGbK has an insurance policy for events. Cost for an insurance policy for events does NOT need to be calculated in the cost sheet.

> Why is the land "open"?

Parts of the land are potential building land.

> Who is the owner?
The owner is Bezirk (Borough) Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

> The area nearest the station is partly mowed. Will the rest of the land be worked on or will the land be left "wild", like it is currently?
The mowed areas will continue to be mowed by the Bezirkamt (Borough Council). Areas that are not mowed will remain "wild".

> If there are activities on the open land, does the water supply mean that mobile toilets will be installed? Or will there be a cooperation with the youth club?
A cooperation with the "U5" youth club is planned. The toilets in the club wil be available during its opening hours. If an art work needs one or more mobile toilets this should be calculated in the cost sheet requirec as part of the submission proceedure. Mobile toilets do not need a water supply.

> Can I apply for the competition if I am not there for the tour and info meeting on 6th of May?
Yes of course you can apply for the competition if you cannot come to the tour on 6.5.