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“She’s so lucky, she’s a star” - Britney Spears
7 July – 2 September 2018
Exhibition, Events

COVEN BERLIN, Untitled, 2014
COVEN BERLIN, Untitled, 2014

Opening: 6 July 2018, 19h

The approach of the project is to react to luck as a cultural myth that normalizes privilege. Masked as luck, white supremacy and patriarchy weave narratives that dull movements of resistance and perpetuate the status quo. While hard work leads to success, success, once realized, is disguised as lucky coincidence. Such aphorisms erase herstory in physical, digital, and spiritual spaces. Through exhibition, performance, and an event series, LUCKY invites queer cultural agents to unveil power structures shrouded in myth and illusion.

nGbK project group "COVEN": Frances Breden, Shelly Etkin, Lorena Juan, Judy Landkammer, Louise Trueheart, Kiona Hagen Niehaus, Esther Roman, Harley Aussoleil