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Format: Exhibition, simultaneous events and digital documentation

Budget: 58.280,20 €

While the current reality imposes a bleak picture of what the future holds, the great number of cultural and artistic works and everyday practices remain capable of generating transformative ideas and practices of recuperation and hope. Hence, re:Touch proposes to rethink touch in physical, political, ethical, and aesthetic contacts in a solidary and recuperative way. Based on the historicity of touch, it views re:touch as an expression of the multiple and dynamically changing redefinitions of physical and emotional contact among human beings and between human and nature. The aim is to explore several questions related to the recuperative potential of retouch together with artists, thinkers, practitioners, and other cultural workers. To this end, an open call will be released for artists coming from different practices, different corners of the world, and different tactile histories. The concrete outcomes of the project may include, but are not limited to, workshops, spoken word nights, film screenings, and various performances which will run in parallel with the in-/outdoor exhibition.

Sena Başöz, The Box, 2020 (Selected by Istanbul Modern, Turkey)