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Glossary of Urban Praxis. Towards a Manifesto

Who makes a city, and with what cultures and practices? How do we formulate a “right to the city” without being righteous? Berlin has long been characterized by willfully initiated buildings, self-organized spaces, and an abundant social culture. The right to the city is fought for and shaped by multitudes of people by means of the arts, design, planning, and action.

The aim of this glossary is to sharpen the understanding of “Urban Praxis” through presenting diverse voices of the actors of Urban Praxis and thereby to elaborate key criteria and qualities of Urban Praxis. The authors provide the terms of Urban Praxis that are most important to them or critically engage with commonly employed terms. With a shadow glossary and other additional terms, this will be put online. Taken together, the entries form not only a vocabulary about contemporary urbanity and the need for urban and artistic action, but also provide a discourse on Urban Praxis as such. [more]

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