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19 February 2021
Publication of podcasts


»*foundationClass meets Moabit Mountain College« (de/en)
with Nadira Husain, Marina Naprushkina, Hatef Soltani, Batoul Sedawi and Vera Varlamova

In this episode, members of Moabit Mountain College (at Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit) and *foundationClass talk about what it means to create self-organized educational spaces where everyone's resources are acknowledged and validated and where new formats of skill sharing and knowledge transfer can be practiced.


»Resistant commemoration« part 1 (de/en)
with Krishan Rajapakshe, Hatef Soltani and Ulf Aminde

Two-part conversation on resistant cultures of memory: Why is memory culture important? What does it mean to remember? What can we learn from the current broader monument discourses (Köln, Hanau, O-Platz, (anti-)Colonial monuments)?


»Carving out collaborative BIPoC spaces in higher art education« (en/de)
with Yemisi Babatola, Mariama Sow and D’Andrade

A conversation with *foundationClass’ members and BIPoC students from weißensee kunsthochschule berlin on their experience with safe(r) spaces and empowerment in a white art institution.