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Isabel Kwarteng-Acheampong & Auro Orso

Since the beginning of colonial times, food has served as a measure of civilization. Even today, the topic of food and its colonial entanglement play a significant role, especially for people affected by racism and intersectional discrimination. Food can exclude, but it can also heal. As part of their outreach scholarship, Isabel Kwarteng-Acheampong and Auro Orso artistically explore food as a decolonial practice and empowerment strategy for queer BIPoC. Their artistic research will result in an audiovisual installation with live performances.

The outreach scholarship has been offered annually by the nGbK since 2010. The call for applications is aimed at individuals or teams of a maximum of two people who are active in the field of art and cultural outreach as well as in educational work and who would like to implement experimental and processual methods and formats of artistic outreach. The institutional affiliation with the nGbK offers the fellows the opportunity to implement an outreach format in which their own practice can be tried out, varied or, if necessary, realigned.