What’s Left of the Friendship of Nations?

Sat, 1.6.24, 11.00 am Type: Symposium Languages: German, English Location: Stadtwerkstatt Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 11, 10178 Berlin, 1. Stock Admission: free

Prater Galerie symposium curated by Lena Prents and Antonina Stebur

In English and German with simultaneous translation

Friendship is not a neutral concept. In the socialist context that took shape in the different regions and eras of the twentieth century, friendship is a significant concept with a complex history of relations. It is an emancipatory and a reconciliatory force, but in many ways also a colonial bond that united different countries and peoples as well as building hierarchies. “Friendship of nations” and “friendship and fraternity” were ideological slogans in the name of which wars, conflicts, and repressions unfolded and continue to unfold. “What’s Left of the Friendship of Nations?” is a symposium centering on the idea of friendship and fraternity in post-socialist contexts. It addresses the historical and decolonial optics of post-socialist friendship and invites to reflect on how, through the tools of the artists’ political imagination, a feminist and queer lens, ideas of friendship are transformed into new bonds and communities, such as the idea of sisterhood, community of care or kinship.


Kyiv Perennial

Fri, 23.2. – Sun, 9.6.24 Type: Exhibition, Event series Location: nGbK am Alex (until 1.4.24), station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf, Between Bridges, Prater Galerie