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Erinnerungslandschaften zur Umerziehung – Gute Staatsbürgerinnen im Gestern und Heute

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Format: Hybrid outreach project

Budget: 59.999,99 €

Monstera fosters the visibility and representation of the still unexamined repressive reeducation of 135,000 children in 168 special children’s homes in East Germany—its political background and its ongoing impact, as reflected in the global upheavals of society since 1989/1990. In the Socialist architecture of Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, we plan to create an landscape of memory as an interactive installation. Via large-scale cartography, a walk-in landscape for old and young, we invite visitors to explore and learn together, to listen and communicate. The exhibition will be the result of an extensive process of research and development whose growing architecture will also be visualized via a digital platform, sharing knowledge and networks, documenting findings, and giving expression to personal strategies of resilience and resistance.

Through its members, Why Not? Kollektiv works with a range of artistic means, involves intersectional approaches, and bears organic witness to history. The works in the exhibition will all be made by the project team. There will also be a program of accompanying events including artistic, scientific, educational, political, and activist elements. We plan to apply for funding to the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Antonio Amadeu Foundation, and the Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany, as well as the State Agencies for Civic Education in Brandenburg and Saxony.