neue Gesellschaft
für bildende Kunst


Opening: Exhibition

Friday, 06 July 2018, 19.00h


Adress:nGbK, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin
Entry: free
Organized by: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst
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with Performances:

Ongoing 19- 22h (EN)
In the stairwell  
Anarel·la Martínez-Madrid: PLAY ME: a one-on-one performance about sex and consent
Anarel·la Martínez-Madrid invites one participant at a time to practice consent in spontaneous and secured guided scenarios in a space of unfamiliarity. Using her background in sex education, Martínez-Madrid seeks to create a temporary environment where power can be exchanged, sex toys can be touched and played with, and questions around privilege and sex positivity can abound.

21h (EN)
nGbK event space, 1st floor
Laura G. Jones & Alexander Linton: Babypunk ft. Babuyoka
Together Laura G. Jones and Alexander Linton collaborate to explore crip—a reclaimatory term for the chronically ill—as it meets queerness, afro/crip futurism, and a shared love of hip hop. Composed of music, dance, noise, and spiritual ritual, Babypunk ft. Babuyoka is an explosive and experimental synthesis of sterile medical textures with softer textures of care. While addressing the shame inscribed onto medicalized sick bodies and their various fluids, the performers/creatures express their need for visibility as complex crip others.

22h (EN)
In the Courtyard
Zinzi Buchanan & Trev Flash: future babies
A concert-style, semi-conscious delivery of shared fears of—and hopes for—the future: a frantic, euphoric expression of utopian vision. Crash and doom.
This performance explores the notion of ‘being born lucky‘ in tandem with the dream of conception and progeny. Giving birth to hot emotions as both lovers and collaborators, Zinzi and Trev have a strong interest in exploring feelings around parenthood and the future together.



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