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Sunday, 31 May 2020 — Friday, 05 June 2020


Adress:nGbK, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin
Open: See announcement*
Language(s): English
Entry: free
Organized by: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst
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Week-long performance workshop via video
With Laura Lulika and Hang Linton

Online via Zoom and Email, optional Telegram group
Language: English for the live week of workshops. Video content will be released in German shortly after.

Please register until 22 May 2020, maximum 10 participants: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
When you register, you will be sent a registration form where you can indicate any access needs you may have.

A week-long series of online workshops aimed at guiding participants through the process of getting to know your inner creature body. Find ways to express your Otherness or parts of yourself suppressed by oppressive systematic structures. Deconstruct the culture of shame that constructs Otherness to find methods to be empathetic to these aspects of ourselves and to express them in a way which feels natural and positive using performative techniques. Through playful exercises in writing, costume, beat-making and movement, and using various performative techniques, we will encourage the creature out of you.

The workshop will draw upon somatic practices, afro-futurism, queer, drag & DIY performance culture with the intention to give simple tools which can be used to create performance personas. The workshop will encourage participants to use low cost items found at home or to up-cycle old possessions. The aim is to draw on personal experiences and share  processes as interdisciplinary live artists. The workshop leaders and participants will explore and offer techniques in creating music, text, costume, and performance. 

Due to the current pandemic restrictions, the nGbK is closed to the public and therefore we will be running this workshop online. Participants will receive a video each day containing an exercise or task. The group will be meeting online on Sunday evening, 31 May, and staying in touch throughout the process by email and a Telegram group chat. The workshops will conclude with a live video conference meetup where participants can share and perform what they have crafted. The focus will not be on having made a finished product, but rather sharing the opportunity to support, express, network, and exchange experiences with one another. 

This workshop welcomes all levels of experience from complete beginner to performance veteran, or anyone who is considering taking a creative practice in a new direction. 

Laura Lulika (pronoun: she), is a crip (sick+disabled) artist and researcher. Hang Linton (pronoun: he) is a musician, artist and performer. Together they have been collaborating to create audio visual performances in galleries, theaters, queer parties and festivals. Combining their skills in music, moving image and live performance, their otherness is expressed through two monstrous creatures. Their bodies are POLITICAL, SPIRITUAL, JOYFUL, SEXY and ANGRY. Their focus is on accessibility in the arts and finding ways to overcome access barriers, striving to be advocates for arts being accessible for everyone. 

This is the second part of the workshop series »Making Queer« by Harley Aussoleil and Frances Breden as the nGbK’s Outreach programme for 2020.



On 31 May and 5 June there will be video calls (software: Zoom) with the workshop participants. These are planned in English. Someone will transcribe the video conference in the Zoom chat. Please let us know if you have other access needs for the Zoom calls in your registration.  All Zoom calls will be under an hour and a half.  

From 1-4 June, a video will be sent to you every day. These videos are in English with subtitles and subtitle files. They are no more than 15 minutes long.  Participants will complete the exercises in the video on their own. 

You can be in contact with us and the workshop leaders in between by call, email, or via Telegram message.

Shortly after the week-long workshop series, all its content will be available via the nGbK website with a German transcription.

This is a child-friendly workshop. 



»Making Queer«
The nGbK’s 2020 outreach program is comprised of five workshops from Berlin-based queer artists and art educators on new, experimental, and emerging art forms and pedagogies. Offering workshops in a wide variety of media, such as stand-up comedy and somatic science fiction writing, Making Queer defies institutional artistic norms to reveal some of the powerful strategies of queer artists and their practices. The series will finish with a symposium at the end of the year.

Harley Aussoleil (pronoun: she) and Frances Breden (pronoun: she) are curators, artists, and educators in Berlin, with an interest in collective artistic practices that challenge institutional norms. They are members of collectives COVEN BERLIN and Sickness Affinity Group.



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