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Out now: Licht Luft Scheiße

Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity
Saturday, 15 August 2020, 19:00 — Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Licht Luft Scheiße

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Licht Luft Scheiße

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766 pages
approx. 495 images
Softcover in slipcase 16 × 24 cm
28 EUR

ISBN: 978-3-9432-253-33-7

The publication Licht Luft Scheiße documents a three-part exhibition and event project: Volume 1 contains the extensive historical research shown at the nGbK on the precursors of the thought models and practices of our current concept of "sustainability"; Volume 2 documents the program of the Neighborhood Academy, which aims to secure the Prinzessinnengarten Kreuzberg as a public property for the next 99 years; Volume 3 is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary artists* at the Botanical Museum, which - working in the material of the museum itself - addresses our relationship to "nature", to the non-human, to the biosphere.

Cooperation: Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum der Freien Universität Berlin (BGBM), Martin-Elsaesser-Stiftung, Nachbarschaftsakademie im Prinzessinnengarten Kreuzberg and nGbK



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