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Release video documentation: Talk with Ulrich Domröse (Berlinische Galerie) and Urs Kohlbrenner (Planergemeinschaft Kohlbrenner)

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Language(s): German
Entry: free
Organized by: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst
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Release of the talk from 21 November 2020
Moderation: Jochen Becker (AG station urbaner kulturen)

Over twenty years ago Ulrich Domröse (departing curator for photography at the Berlinische Galerie) organised the exhibition »Periphery as Place: The Hellersdorf Project«, which was first shown in 1999 at the nGbK in Kreuzberg and later in Hellersdorf itself. Domröse invited, among others, the artists Helga Paris and Ulrich Wüst: »The Hellersdorf Project arose from the need to reflect on current developments in the periphery using Hellersdorf as an example. We were looking for pictures that interpreted their subject matter rather than documenting it.«

Parallel, the urban planner and architect Prof. Urs Kohlbrenner produced a »Concept for Hellersdorf neighbourhoods - a large housing estate becomes part of the city«, which sought to give this former GDR estate a new face. Both Domröse and Kohlbrenner were commissioned by the Hellersdorf Housing Association (WoGeHe), who deployed fine art as part of its attempts to resist the rapid deterioration of the image of the ›Plattenbau‹ housing estates in the east of Berlin.
The discussion seeks to reconstruct this decisive moment in time, with special regard to the present and future situations of such housing estates.



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