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Online: Book presentation »*foundationClass – the book«

Friday, 19 February 2021, 19:00

Book presentation »*foundationClass – the book«

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Organized by: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst
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Book presentation »*foundationClass – the book«

A joint event of the projects »*foundationClass« and »Interflugs 30: feral methods«


Join via video conference:

Meeting-ID: 995 2049 3250 / Code: 733764


The *foundationClass is both a study programme based at weißensee academy of art berlin and an artist collective. The majority of the members migrated to Germany and is affected by racism. In its artistic practice the collective fosters inclusive forms of education and deconstructs the mechanisms of exclusion inherent in white art institutions.

»*foundationClass – the book« is an attempt to capture 5 years of intense, versatile experiences and learning processes in image and writing. It is a tool kit offering ideas and inspiration for those interested in critical art production and education, an attempt at self-reflection and auto-ethnography, but also a polyphonic space of fiction, poetry and illustration.

The book tells what the *foundationClass was, is and will be for the many people who have shaped it since 2016. »It is a gesture of recognition of and solidarity with all those on whose work we are building as well as those who are working with us and who are supporting.« The book aims to show the *foundationClass in a broader context and to situate the emancipatory practices tested in the field of arts and education.

The online presentation is a warm and open invitation to anyone who would like to flip together through the pages and dimensions of the book, to listen to its stories and engage in conversations about the pitfalls and the magic of such a collective endeavour.

Both *foundationClass as well as *foundationClass the book are multilingual spaces. During the event German will be the main, but not the only language. »We won’t be able to translate each and every word but hope to be able to understand each other in a communal effort.  The event will be recorded and available as audio on the nGbK/*fC websites later.«

Published by: nGbK

Editorial team: Miriam Schickler, Krishan Rajapakshe, Ulf Aminde, Katharina Kersten, Nadira Husain

Contributors: Osamah Abouzor, Nelly Alfandari, Fadi Aljabour, Marwa Almokbel, Ulf Aminde, Tewa Barnosa, Cana Bilir-Meier, Felipe Castelblanco, Linde Colden, D’Andrade, Nuray Demir, Discoteca Flamingstar, Danja Erni, Josefine Gindorf, Max Grau, Jiré Emine Gözen, Christine Goutrié, Ayşe Güleç, Mohamad Halbouni, Nadira Husain, Ali Kaaf, Sandy Kaltenborn, Katharina Kersten, Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, Carmen Mörsch, Danae Nagel, Marina Naprushkina, Pedro Oliveira, Shanti Suki Osman, Can Mileva Rastovic, Dachil Sado, Miriam Schickler, Batoul Sedawi, Bahareh Sharifi, Hatef Soltani, Mariama Sow, Nora Sternfeld, Vera Varlamova, Wildfire

Copy Editing: Diana Abbany, Marlene Kienberger, Qwiggo Lyddu

Book design: Krishan Rajapakshe

Type Design: star_foundationClass: Krishan Rajapakshe 2020

Berlin 2021

ISBN: 978-3-938515-83-9

PDF: ISBN 978-3-938515-89-1



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