Curating through Conflict with Care (CCC)

About CCC

Curating through Conflict with Care (CCC) is a work group commissioned by the general member assembly of nGbK and a collective research project. It is led by Maithu Bùi, Ayasha Guerin, Moshtari Hilal, Duygu Örs*. 

Working and organizing across a multiplicity of languages and borders to explore the role and responsibilities of curatorial practice which the group understands to be full of contradictions of care. Treating „the conflict“ or „the contradiction“ as a methodology to identify and reveal the paradoxes of inclusive curating, they draw upon contemporary case studies to explore how to advance best practices and existing debates. In August 2023, they curated a series of workshops and hosted a three-day symposium in Berlin for young art workers from across Europe to share experiences and strategies for navigating conflicts in their workplaces. With the launch of this online platform, the notes and collaborative insights from this gathering as well as additional materials in various formats are accessible to all, shared as a collective resource with the goal of connecting experiences, knowledge, and spreading strategies to support art workers to shape change in the art world**. 

*nGbK work group: Maithu Bùi, Sophya Frohberg, Ayasha Guerin, Moshtari Hilal und Duygu Örs; until April 2021: Viviane Tabach.
**All texts published here reflect the opinions of the respective authors and working group members and are not congruent with those of the association.

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