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Eylem Sengezer

“When I’ve worked for hierarchical cultural institutions that leave little or no scope for participation in decision-making, the nGbK was always a welcome alternative. Which doesn’t mean I have no criticisms of the nGbK.”

18.1.22 Type: Interview

Paz Ponce Pérez-Bustamante

“The nGbK is the best place to realize political exhibitions”

14.1.22 Type: Interview

Jula Dech

“I wanted to make posters, not paint pictures.”

7.12.21 Type: Interview

Matthias Reichelt and Josefine Geier

“For me, the nGbK and the principle of learning-by-doing were very important. Without this organization, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

15.11.21 Type: Interview

Christiane Zieseke

“We learned many political mechanisms that came in very useful later.”

12.11.21 Type: Interview

Beatrice E. Stammer and Anna Voswinckel

“It was about a community of like-minded people, it was about professionalization and communication.”

27.10.21 Type: Interview

Gernot Bubenik

“The hope was to invent a structure, statutes that would be different from all others, in order to be able to develop democratic behaviour.”

8.7.09 Type: Interview