Kyiv Perennial

Fri, 23.2. – Sun, 9.6.24 Type: Exhibition, Event series Location: nGbK am Alex (until 1.4.24), station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf, Between Bridges, Prater Galerie

Gastarbeiter 2.0

Sat, 13.4. – Sun, 16.6.24 Type: Exhibition Location: nGbK am Alex


Online Platform Curating through Conflict with Care

Type: New release Location: Online


Art in the Underground 2022/23: New Urban Publics

Type: New release

19.4.24, 5.00–8.00 pm

Kyiv Perennial: Guided tour and talk

Type: Guided Tour, Talk Location: station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf

20.4.24, 5.00 pm

Why (This) War? Psychoanalysis of War – Psychoanalysis in War

Type: Event, Talk Location: nGbK am Alex


Herbert Mondry (1940–2024)

Type: Neues

Wir trauern um unser Gründungsmitglied Herbert Mondry.

nGbK program for 2025 selected

Type: Neues

nGbK program for 2025 selected Every year, a general assembly selects the nGbK’s program for the following year. All members may attend this event, which is …

Jahresprogramm 2024

Type: Neues

The brochure for the nGbK annual program 2024 is now available to take away at nGbK am Alex and station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf! Design: Rimini …