nGbK Lectures

ongoing Type: Event series Languages: German, English

There is no lack of cultural debates in Germany, and in many cases one would like to know what the nGbK’s opinion is. There are indeed many powerfully eloquent lobbyists concerned with the matter of art and culture. And it is expected from an art society that, when it was founded in the 60’s took up the cause of shedding light on “capital’s mechanisms of rule” and “revolutionising the conditions”, to show its presence and participate in the discussions of these themes. The first and foremost means of a progressive art society is, of course, a progressive aesthetics. Yet it may also take part in the public debate. The format nGbK Lectures is to intensify the society’s presence in this regard: With public panels and incisive texts from the midst of the art society.

Event archive:

nGbK Lectures 2016 with Nike Bätzner, Asena Günal, Erden Kosova

nGbK Lectures 2017 with Robin Detje, Tashy Endres, Akshaya Krishnamoorthy, Suresh Kumar, Beral Madra, Adam Page, Dont Rhine, Ceren Türkmen

nGbK Lectures 2018 with Oliver Marchart, Nora Sternfeld 

nGbK Lectures 2019 with Rafael Pagatini, Mohammad Salemy 

nGbK Lectures 2020 with Jens Kastner

nGbK Lectures 2021 with D’Andrade, Valerie Karima Djurhuus, Naledi Maskia Mmoledi

nGbK Lectures 2022 with foundationClasscollective, Noa K. Ha, Giovanni Picker, Niloufar Tajeri, Slavs and Tatars


Sat, 10.2.24, 7.00 pm

nGbK Lecture: The Broken Pitcher (X Properties: Die Filmreihe)

Type: nGbK Lecture Location: nGbK am Alex
Eine graue Jalousie füllt das gesamte Bild. Zwei Finger öffnen einen Spalt der Jalousie.

Sat, 13.1.24, 7.00 pm

nGbK Lecture: DREXCIYA + Twilight City (X Properties: Die Filmreihe)

Type: Event, Filmscreening Location: nGbK am Alex

Sat, 2.12.23, 7.00 pm

nGbK Lecture: Good Life (X Properties: Die Filmreihe)

Type: Filmscreening, Talk Location: nGbK am Alex