100 chilenische Plakate aus der Zeit der Regierung Allende (1970–1973)

Year: 1976 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 114 p., numerous images

100 Chilean posters from the period of the Allende government, 1970–1973

On September 11, 1973, a military coup took place in Chile. President Salvador Allende, democratically elected three years previously, committed suicide when the Chilean air force began bombarding the presidential palace in La Moneda. The country was subsequently ruled by Augusto Pinochet as a military dictatorship. The hundred posters shown at the nGbK in 1976 were just a fraction of what freedom of expression brought forth in Chile during Allende’s presidency—not much of which survived. The military regime persecuted artists with unparalleled brutality, destroying books, murals, posters, records, tapes, sketches, and manuscripts. The catalogue reflects the potential of Chile’s art scene, that bravely carried on working underground, with texts and photographs highlighting the major injustices taking place in the country. The publication was conceived, catalogued and annotated by the Association for the Furthering of Democratic Culture in Chile, a working group at the nGbK.

Hg.: Vereinigung zur Förderung der demokratischen Kultur Chiles e.V.

Arbeitsgruppe: Heinz Fußwinkel, Agnes Kessens, Ulli Kramer-Kreymborg, Ulla Lerch, Norbert Lieberandt, Jürgen Meyer, Klaus Teige