Ästhetische Leitbilder von Jugendlichen, dargestellt am Beispiel der Wohnraumgestaltung und der Mode

Year: 1971 Type: Loose-leaf collection Languages: German Format: DIN A4, loose sheets, punched with file-strip ISBN: none

Aesthetic models for teenagers, presented using examples from interior design and fashion

This study was produced in 1970/71 by the art and education working group. It explores the role played by aesthetic models in self-esteem and behavior toward members of one own and other social groups and asks whether aesthetic values entail restrictions capable of preventing a realistic assessment of one’s own situation and the societal factors that shape it. Questionnaires, analyses, sketches, and interviews are used to find out whether aesthetic models in the field of home décor and fashion (clothing, make-up) have an especially powerful impact on politically relevant behavior among teenagers. Includes chapters on the links between fashion and parents, on the models supplied by commerce and subculture, and on gender-specific education and visions of domesticity.

Ed.: nGbK