Ali Seyed Nassir

Gemälde Gouachen Zeichnungen

Year: 1986 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 16 p., 30 images, color and b/w

Ali Seyed Nassir: Paintings, gouaches, drawings

This large-format RealismusStudio publication accompanied the exhibition of the same name at the nGbK in Tempelhof. The catalogue opens with a dark quotation from Max Beckmann: “We must participate in all of the misery to come. We must submit our hearts and our nerves to the gruesome screams of pain of the poor deceived people.” Ali Seyed Nassir, born 1951 in Teheran and based in Berlin since 1974, deals in his pictures with torture and violence, referring via his palette to Persian traditions. The focus is always on maltreated human beings, surrounded by their torturers. The catalogue has eight illustrations in color and 22 in black-and-white, with essays by Frank Wagner and Ingrid Wagner-Kantuser. In her text, the latter writes that Ali Seyed Nassir’s pictures “may be chilling at first, but they demand that we consider and understand them.”

Hg.: nGbK

Work group: Udo Ropohl, Barbara Straka, Frank Wagner, Ingrid Wagner-Kantuser

With contributions by: Frank Wagner, Ingrid Wagner-Kantuser