Ansatzpunkte kritischer Kunst heute

Year: 1983 Type: Print publication Languages: German Format: 21 x 27 cm Scope: 140 p., numerous images, b/w ISBN: none Cooperation: Bonner Kunstverein

Critical approaches in art today
This catalog was published by the Bonner Kunstverein and produced in collaboration with the nGbK. It was released on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name, in the realization of which members of the working group Ausstellungsübernahmen as well as the RealismusStudio were involved. According to the foreword by Margarethe Jochimsen, director of the Bonner Kunstverein, the curators were interested in “the kind of critique artists level at specific phenomena in society—and what this critique says about their attitude to life.” The catalogue features contributions from 29 artists in the form of illustrations extending over multiple pages and texts—poems, quotations, excerpts from advertising brochures or magazines. Barbara Kruger, for example, writes the following: “I see my work as a series of attempts to ruin certain representations, to construct an altered subjectivity and to welcome a female spectator into the audience of men.” Other artists in the show included Marcel Odenbach, Robert Longo, Astrid Klein, Jenny Holzer, Werner Büttner, and John Ahearn.

Ed.: Bonner Kunstverein

Work group: Ina Barfuss, Peter Hielscher, Freya Mülhaupt, Barbara Straka

With contributions by: Margarethe Jochimsen, Annelie Pohlen, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Barbara Straka u.a.