Das Verborgene Museum I

Dokumentation der Kunst von Frauen in Berliner öffentlichen Sammlungen

Year: 1987 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 364 p., numerous images ISBN: 978-3-926175-38-0 Cooperation: Edition Hentrich

The Hidden Museum I. Documenting art by women in Berlin’s public collections

The exhibition of the same name, accompanied by a two-part catalogue, took place in the winter of 1987/88 as part of Berlin’s 750 years celebrations at the Akademie der Künste. In their foreword, working group members Gisela Breitling and Renate Flagmeier write: “The title refers to the invisible artistic tradition of women, their exclusion from the ‘imaginary museum’ of art, where they appear not as actors (i.e., as artists) but as the projections and imaginings of men.” For the project, the group brought together almost all of the hidden works by women from Berlin’s museums. As well as texts on feminist issues, the catalogue contains extensive biographical essays on artists including Maria de’ Medici, Renée Elisabeth Lépicié, Maria Sibylla Merian, Sabine Lepsius, and Gabriele Münter.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Gisela Breitling, Renate Flagmeier, Susanne Gerber, Margret Holz, Evelyn Kuwertz, Eike Messer, Julia von Randow, Ingrid Wagner-Kantuser  

With contributions by: Gisela Breitling, Renate Flagmeier, Ulrike Haß, Ruth Nobs-Greter, Lida von Mengden, Marina Sauer, Gisela Zies