Det andra Amerika

Year: 1983 Type: Print publication Languages: Swedish Scope: 32 p., numerous images Cooperation: Kulturhuset Stockholm

In 1983, Elefanten Press published a major catalogue to accompany the travelling exhibition Das andere Amerika on the history, art, and culture of the American labor movement. The exhibition title refers to Michael Harrington’s book The Other America (1962) on poverty in the United States and its impact on refugees, immigrants, single mothers, pensioners, and ill people without social security. Historical documents including photographs, newspaper clippings, and posters are used to present developments in the fields of working hours, wages, participation, pensions, and the spread of democratic conditions in general, which are always tied to the fate of the unions. The book also discusses issues like repression, prejudice, and racism—including within the ranks of the labor organizations.

On the occasion of the exhibition’s transfer to the Kulturhuset Stockholm, excerpts of the catalog were translated into Swedish for an abridged version.

Ed.: nGbK und Kulturhuset Stockholm

Work group: Tom Fecht, Philip S. Foner, Matthias Reichelt, Paul Schreiner, Reinhard Schultz