Die Pampa lebt

Hellersdorf als Großwohnsiedlung gestern, heute und morgen

Year: 2022 Type: Print publication Languages: German, English Price: 20.00 € Format: 20,5 x 27 cm, softcover with flaps, sewn binding Scope: 224 p., ca. 200 images, color and b/w ISBN: 978-3-938515-90-7

The social, political and cultural fabric of an increasingly cosmopolitan and contradictory Berlin-Hellersdorf was the starting point of the artistic research project Die Pampa lebt (The Hinterland Lives) in the Boulevard Kastanienallee neighborhood 2019-2021. Together with the artists Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page, residents have been working on a series of questions: What hopes, fears, promises and humiliations were there in Hellersdorf in the 1990s? And today? What effects has the dismantling of industrial work had? What future visions for Hellersdorf exist?

On excursions to exhibitions and to other large housing estates, they collected over 300 responses in the form of documents, photos and statements. From these, they created watercolor paintings that formed the central motifs of a series of posters in the neighborhood.

The publication shows the research, the performative presentation of drawings in the urban space, a transcription of the series of events Hellersdorfer Gespräche and a final reflection with regional experts at the round table.

German with bilingual preface (German/English).

Eds.: Eva Hertzsch, Adam Page, AG station urbaner kulturen, nGbK, Berlin

With contributions by: Sven Eggers, Eva Hertzsch, Andrej Holm, Michaela Janečková, Agnese Sofija Kusmane, Kirsi Liimatainen, Annette Maechtel, Adam Page u.a.