Diego Rivera 1886–1957


Year: 1987 Type: Print publication Languages: German Cooperation: Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin, Dietrich Reimer Verlag

With this retrospective, the nGbK carried on its tradition, begun in 1974, of showing work by Mexican artists in Berlin. The travelling exhibition was put together to mark the artist’s 100th birthday in Detroit and Mexico City, with other venues including the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, the Hayward Gallery in London, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Of particular interest was Diego Rivera’s importance as a mural painter. Dieter Ruckhaberle, director of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin, writes in his foreword to the extensive catalogue: “As one of the initiators of Mexico’s mural movement that developed after the revolution (1910–1917), he used his art to address the cultural, political, and ethnic situation in his country, celebrating the revolutionary struggle of the Mexican people.” With many essays, poems, color illustrations, documentary photographs, and an exhibition index.

Work group: Barbara Beck, Miguel Esteban, Gabriele Horn, Harald Merkle, Olav Münzberg, Michael Nungesser, Oliver Rtajzák, Brigitte Sonnenschein, Beatrice Stammer

With contributions by: Claudio Barrera, Ilja Ehrenburg, Andrés Henestrosa, Frida Kahlo, Carlos Pellicer, Anna Seghers, Raquel Tibol u.a.