Georg Herold: Unschärferelation

Year: 1985 Type: Print publication Languages: German

Georg Herold: Uncertainty principle
For its 31st exhibition, RealismusStudio invited Jena artist Georg Herold, who studied with Sigmar Polke in Hamburg (1977–1983) and who, together with artists like Albert Oehlen, Werner Büttner, and Martin Kippenberger, called the art market boom of the time into question. Reiner Speck writes: “He helps us to recognize that the porridge being sold on every street corner as muesli, that people are happy to eat, is actually just watery shit. He unmasks culture as the ideology of a bourgeois theory of violence, revealing socialists as bourgeois and vice versa, using subversive affirmation to expose the brutal adaptation mechanisms of mass culture.” The book also includes texts by Georg Herold, S. D. Sauerbier, and Barbara Straka, an index with entries ranging from “chance” to “euthanasia” to “hare” to “misery” to “waste,” as well as 100 illustrations in color and black-and-white.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Freya Mülhaupt, Udo Ropohl, Barbara Straka, Frank Wagner, Ingrid Wagner-Kantuser

With contributions by: Georg Herold, S. D. Sauerbier, Barbara Straka