Heinrich Ehmsen, Maler


Year: 1986 Type: Print publication Languages: German Cooperation: Elefanten Press Verlag

Heinrich Ehmsen, painter. LIFE’s/WORK/RECORD

This catalogue published by Elefanten Press accompanied the nGbK exhibition of the same name at Kunstamt Kreuzberg. Heinrich Ehmsen (1886–1964) was a German painter and graphic artist whose works were included in the Nazi exhibition of “Degenerate Art” in 1937. After the war he was among the founders, alongside Karl Hofer, of the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Berlin, but in December 1949 he was dismissed for declaring solidarity with the World Committee of Partisans for Peace in Paris. The nGbK wanted to acknowledge the work of this artist in the face of the arms race, ecological disasters, and Chernobyl. The book includes a detailed biography, archive image material, reproductions of works, essays by authors including Karl Rickers, Beatrice Vierneisel, and Magdalena Droste, an interview with one of Ehmsen’s former master class students, and a list of works in the exhibition.

Work group: Magdalena Droste, Christine Fischer-Defoy, Sabine Nagy, Beatrice Vierneisel, Sabine Weißler

With contributions by: Karl Rickers, Beatrice Vierneisel, Magdalena Droste