Honoré Daumier und die ungelösten Probleme der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft

Year: 1974 Type: Print publication Languages: German Format: 22 x 23 cm Scope: 224 p., numerous images

Honoré Daumier and the unsolved problems of bourgeois society 

Shown in the spring of 1974 at Charlottenburg Palace, the exhibition returned to the period and themes of the projects Kunst der bürgerlichen Revolution and Pariser Kommune. Honoré Daumier (1808–1879) was always keen to address the problems of his time in his art and his caricatures clearly reflect his political approach. The working group focused on Daumier’s prints, presented not as “autonomous artworks” but as illustrated newspaper pages; the aim was to underline the fact that the issues dealt with by the artist added up to a critical portrait of society at the time—in many cases still relevant today. The catalogue includes essays on selected themes including “Justitia with her eyes bound” and “The Republic and other allegorical female figures,” as well as a biography, source texts, a bibliography, and an illustrated historical appendix.

Hg.: nGbK

Arbeitsgruppe: Gerhard Beyer, Jula Dech, Helmut Hartwig, Klaus Herding, Peter Hielscher, Paul Kern, Frauke Klinkers, Susanne Onken, Cäcilia Rentmeister, Karl Riha, Anne Sabot