Ingeborg Meyer: Kunstunterricht / Sekundarstufe II / Unterrichtsprojekt „Kinderbuch“

Year: 1974 Type: Loose-leaf collection Languages: German Format: DIN A4, stapled ISBN: none

Ingeborg Meyer: art class / 11th & 12th grade / project “children’s books”
In January 1974, this photocopied folder published by the art and education working group could be purchased at the nGbK for three deutschmarks. It contained the “written dissertation for the second state examination for secondary school teachers” submitted in December 1972 by Ingeborg Meyer under the title Das Bilderbuch als Projekt im Kunstunterricht (picture books as a class project). Studying to become a teacher in Berlin’s Neukölln district, Meyer advocated picture books as a key socialization tool that played a major role in children’s development. The dissertation also includes statements on group work aimed at optimizing support for the students’ different gifts and interests while preventing hierarchies. Screen printing is also recommended as a democratic medium for school teaching: students experience their statements as socially relevant because simple duplication and distribution gives them a wide reach.

Ed.: nGbK