instant theory

The M photo series of Merve Verlag

Year: 2020 Type: Print publication Languages: German Price: 5.00 € Format: 12 × 17 cm, brochure with saddle stitch binding Scope: 56 p., 2 images, b/w ISBN: 978-3-938515-84-6

In the 1980s an almost boundless interest in philosophical, aesthetic and emancipation-oriented theories developed. At this time, the West Berlin-based Merve Verlag was a meeting point for intellectual and artistic exchange - a network that was captured by the publishers Heidi Paris and Peter Gente in numerous spontaneously taken photographs. The booklet accompanying the exhibition collects memories of this network and of the work in the former Merve Kollektiv, essays on art and theory, on noise music in Southeast Asia, and interviews on political issues of publishing in the USA and Germany.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Elisa Barth, Felipe Campos, Dominique Guglieri, Yayla Höpfl, Kai Wisotzky

With contributions by: Projektgruppe instant theory, Christophe Charles, Dimitri della Faille, Cedrik Fermont, Clemens-Carl Härle, Chris Kraus, Heidi Paris, Sigrid Vagt, Annette Weisser