Künstlerinnen international 1877–1977

Year: 1977 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 370 p., numerous images

Women artists international, 1877–1977

This catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition of the same name in the orangery at Charlottenburg Palace that featured 182 women artists, the largest such show ever to have taken place. The working group was interested neither in showing women artists who had adapted to the world of their male colleagues, nor in simply following the art market. Instead, they sought out women “who had brought forth innovations in terms of form and content.” The selection procedure drew on a busy exchange of materials including written notes, photographs, explanatory statements, texts, letters and biographical data. At the time, there was little published writing on women artists. Those featured in the catalogue with plates and brief biographies include Carolee Schneemann, Louise Bourgeois, Susan Hiller, Frida Kahlo, Käthe Kollwitz, Maria Lassnig, Martha Rosler, Katharina Sieverding, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Meret Oppenheim. The book also contains important texts like “Projecting a Feminist Criticism” by Lucy R. Lippard and Valie Export’s “Thoughts on the Relationship Between Women and Creativity,” as well as a folded index of works on show.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Ursula Bierther, Evelyn Kuwertz, Karin Petersen, Inge Schumacher, Sarah Schumann, Ulrike Stelzl, Petra Zöfelt

With contributions by: Valie Export, Lucy Lippard, and others