Kunst der mexikanischen Revolution – Legende und Wirklichkeit (Beiheft)

Year: 1974 Type: Print publication Languages: German

Art of the Mexican Revolution – Legend and Reality (booklet)

The exhibition for which this catalogue was published took place in 1974 at Charlottenburg Palace with almost 300 exhibits in the form of full-size replicas of murals, prints, books, and documentary photographs. The show was divided into themed sections dealing among others with the working and living conditions of Mexico’s population, the revolution, relations with the United States, and exploitation by the bourgeoisie. Each section was introduced by an annotated timeline whose texts and commentaries could be purchased in this booklet for one deutschmark. During a preparatory trip to Mexico, the work group gathered a wealth of material that was entirely unknown in Europe. The catalogue itself sold out so quickly that a second edition was produced during the exhibition.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Helmuth von Claer, Hanna Gagel, Ute Grauerholz, Peter Moses-Krause, Olav Münzberg, Michael Nungesser, Helga Prignitz, Johanna Rosen, Friedrich Rothe, Hans Schlirf, Rose Schlirf, Wolfgang Tschöke, Bernd Weyergraf