Nine Points of the Law

Bild Macht Besitz Verhältnisse

Year: 2004 Type: Print publication Languages: German, English Price: 15.00 € Format: 17 x 24 cm, softcover, adhesive binding Scope: 136 p., numerous images, color and b/w ISBN: 978-3-926796-92-9

(Nine Points of the Law. Image Power Ownership Conditions)

This catalog accompanied an exhibition of the same name at the nGbK that focused on the notions of image, power, property, and relations, exploring the mass-compatible illustration practice of the advertising and tourism industries, the precarious relationship between words and images in the media, and the function of the press as an organ of economic and political control. In her preface, Katia Reich writes: “The exhibition combines works that question and critique the conditions of emergence behind images, their supporting networks of distribution or media, as well as their politically and economically motivated instrumentalization in different cultures and contexts.” The essays reflect the scope of the exhibition: Rolf Sachsse writes about the problem of using images to remember the Shoah, for example, while Matthias Bruhn appeals for intelligent ways of seeing and for fine art to resist being coopted by ideology, industry, and technical development. The artists include Minerva Cuevas, Marine Hugonnier,, Mircea Cantor, and ZEVS.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Friederike Kitschen, Barbara Lauterbach, Katia Reich, Anke Ulrich, Martin Wrede

With contributions by: Friederike Kitschen, Barbara Lauterbach, Katia Reich, Anke Ulrich, Martin Wrede