Pavel Liška

Nationalsozialistische Kunstpolitik

Year: 1971 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 38 p.

Pavel Liška, Nazi policy relating to art

Two years after the founding of the nGbK, studying the Nazi period was still an important topic, allowing Prague art historian Pavel Liška to publish this research booklet with the support of the Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin. Its four chapters deal among others with unoriginality as a characteristic of National Socialism, with the status of art within Nazi Party policy before 1933, and with the Nazi worldview and its “aesthetic.” In 1969, Liška was granted political asylum in West Germany, but was initially unable to find a job due to fears he could be a spy. He later studied in Hamburg, Berlin, and Osnabrück, writing his doctoral thesis in 1977 on The Painting of New Objectivity in Germany.

Ed.: nGbK