pöpp68 – private, public, personal, political

Year: 2009 Type: Print publication Languages: German, English Price: 20.00 € Format: 16 x 23 cm, softcover Scope: 296 p., numerous images, color and b/w ISBN: 978-3-938515-24-2

With six collaborative projects, a conference, and an exhibition, pöpp68 – private, public, personal, political targeted and probed possible modes for participation in art. In 2008, pöpp68 brought together artists born in the 1960s (Seraphina Lenz, Nanna Lüth, Ulrike Solbrig, Rebekka Uhlig, Giuliano Vece, Jole Wilcke) with artists and theorists that were already active in 1968 (Claudia von Alemann, Kirsten Dufour, Rainer W. Ernst, Sanja Ivekovic & Bojana Pejic, Barbara Kleinitz, Christophe Kotányi). The exhibition allowed them to revisit some of the complex issues that became prominent features of political and social discourse in ‘68, like fascism, body and power, gender politics, consumption critique, as well as a more general questioning of authority; and gave them opportunities for participation in workshops and other avenues for exploration and intervention. As an intergenerational forum, pöpp68 examined chances for participation and forms of resistance from 1968 to the present.

The publication pöpp68 – participation objections anyhow (German/English) documents and contextualizes the entire project with workshop descriptions and text contributions by Espace Masolo, Stephan Geene, Sabine Hark, Barbara Loreck, Suzana Milevska, Rahel Puffert, Veronica Sekules, Raimar Stange, Eva Sturm, Wiebke Trunk, Ultra-red, and others.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Seraphina Lenz, Nanna Lüth, Ulrike Solbrig, Rebekka Uhlig, Jole Wilcke

With contributions by: Stephan Geene, Sabine Hark, Christophe Kotányi, Barbara Loreck, Espace Masolo, Suzana Milevska, Rahel Puffert, Veronica Sekules, Raimar Stange, Eva Sturm, Wiebke Trunk, Ultra-red