RealismusStudio 2

Year: 1974 Type: Loose-leaf collection Languages: German Format: DIN A4, loose sheets, punched with file-strip ISBN: none

Soon after the 1974 exhibition Bilder und Zeichnungen, the first in a series in which work by mainly Berlin-based artists was presented and discussed, RealismusStudio 2 took place with work by Sigurd Wendland, Dieter Masuhr, and Manfred Beelke. The show was accompanied by this stapled collection of 13 sheets with one work by each artist reproduced in color, followed by statements, some of them highly personal, as well as stories or biographies. Dieter Masuhr wrote: “My grandfather was a strong-willed, color-conscious painter from the Palatinate, which is why I have painted as far back as I can remember. At the Academy in Munich I discovered that a picture is a flat surface offering an illusion of three-dimensional space.” The publication also announces two events during which the notion of realism was to be discussed with visitors, critics, and experts.