RealismusStudio der nGbK stellt aus und diskutiert

Year: 1974 Type: Loose-leaf collection Languages: German Format: DIN A4, loose sheets, punched and stapled in folder ISBN: none

RealismusStudio at the nGbK exhibits and discusses

This publication is a collection of stapled sheets accompanying the exhibition Bilder und Zeichnungen by RealismusStudio at the nGbK in January and February 1974 with work by Uliane Borchert, Gerhard Faulhaber, Reinhard Pods, Peter Schunter, and Monika Sieveking. It was the first in a series of exhibitions in which work by mainly Berlin-based artists was presented and discussed. “Regardless of how the individual artists themselves define realism,” the introduction states, “whichever school or style they feel part of, the exhibition aims to show realistic works.” The discussion events also welcomed critics, visitors, and experts, with the results later published as documentation. The publication contains color reproductions of work by artists followed by comments, stories, and descriptions.