Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin: Bericht 1983

Year: 1983 Type: Print publication Languages: German Format: 24 x 31,5 cm, softcover Scope: 373 p., numerous images ISBN: none

Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin: Report 1983
This book is the annual report of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin, “a subjective account that nonetheless attempts to offer an objective overview of events in art in the past year, as director Dieter Ruckhaberle writes in his foreword. There is an extensive report with many pictures on the completion of the fountain by Joachim Schmettau on Breitscheidplatz, as well as new facts and insights concerning the transfer of power to the Nazis and the anti-Nazi resistance – thus once again making an important educational contribution. Numerous essays on subjects including “The ‘socialism’ of the Nazi party,” and “Berlin as a testbed for terrorism in 1933” are accompanied by newspaper articles, archive images, election posters, statistics, and facsimiles of political writings. The nGbK is present in contributions from Christiane Zieseke and Dieter Ruckhaberle, which stem from the projects Rettung der bulgarischen Juden (Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews) and 1933 – Wege zur Diktatur (1933 – paths to dictatorship), both exhibited 1983 at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin.

Ed.: Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin

Work group: Andreas Heinemann-Grüder, Karoline Hille, Gabriele Horn, Andreas Kaiser, Jutta Kaiser, Dieter Ruckhaberle, Karin Steinweh, Christiane Zieseke

With contributions by: Manfred Asendorf, Laurenz Demps, Reinhard Kühnl, Dieter Ruckhaberle, Axel Schildt, Ralf Schnell, Christiane Zieseke u.a.