Tagesanbruch. Nicaragua – El Salvador

Year: 1984 Type: Print publication Languages: German

Sunrise. Nicaragua – El Salvador
This A4-format folder, that opens with Ernesto Cardenal’s poem “Sunrise,” contains loose sheets with photographs of batiks by Lisa Kokin with portraits and street scenes. The Oakland artist made her El Salvador series in 1982 and her Nicaragua series in 1983/84. She writes: “With this series, I hope to communicate to people in the United States the warmth, dignity, and integrity of the people in Nicaragua, their hopes for peace and a chance to rebuild their country.” The exhibition of 24 batiks opened in November 1984 at Galerie Franz Mehring and sought to make a contribution to the struggle for freedom and social justice in Central America. Besides Kokin’s works, the show also included graphics and caricatures by Lincoln Cushing, Rainer Hachfeld, Doug Minkler, and Malaquias Montoya, as well as photographs by Cordelia Dilg.

Work group: Bruce Kaiper, Matthias Reichelt, Paul Schreiner, Reinhard Schultz