Thomas Wachweger

zuoberst zuunterst. Bilder 1980–83

Year: 1983 Type: Print publication Languages: German Format: 16 x 24 cm, English brochure Scope: 32 p., numerous images, color and b/w ISBN: none

Thomas Wachweger: uppermost undermost. Pictures 1980–83

This small horizontal-format catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at the nGbK, produced by RealismusStudio. Thomas Wachweger (1943–2015) painted dark pictures with titles like Das zweite Gesicht (The Second Face), Nach der Angst (After Fear), Endzeitakt (End Times Nude), or Pyramidendasein (Pyramid Existence). Rather than the ironic polemics on society of his earlier years, the new works in the show were large-format pen and ink drawings and gouaches, inward-looking views of a world in which subjective experience combines with archetypal notions and myths of human existence. In her text, Barbara Straka names the following recurring themes in the artist’s work: life in the face of death, illusions of safety, desperation and struggle, the infinite lostness of the individual, fleeing into uncertainty, hope, and the threat of plunging into the void.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Valdis J. Āboliņš, Ursula Frohne, Udo Ropohl, Barbara Straka

With contributions by: Barbara Straka