Über den Faschismus – Renzo Vespignani

Year: 1976 Type: Print publication Languages: German

(On fascism – Renzo Vespignani)

In August 1976, the nGbK travelling exhibitions working group produced this major catalogue in cooperation with Kunstamt Kreuzberg; a second version was published at the same time by Elefanten Press under the title Nach den Zwanziger Jahren: Faschismus – Renzo Vespignani. In his exhibition, Italian painter, graphic artist, and illustrator Renzo Vespignani (1924–2001) offered insights into the system of German and Italian fascism. He analyses fascism using the means of art; the series of works on show revolves around its emergence, psychology, functioning, and consequences. In addition to colored plates of the paintings, the catalogue includes extensive documentation in the form of photographs, newspaper cuttings, and statistics on the Nazi period that situate the art within its historical and social context. The inclusion of materials from the French office of the War Crimes Information Service that were used during the Nuremburg Trials gives the catalogue added educational value.

Eds.: nGbK and Kunstamt Kreuzberg

Work group: Petra Dejas-Eckertz, Dieter Ruckhaberle, Angelika Tebbe, Krista Tebbe, Christiane Zieseke