Unbeachtete Produktionsformen

Year: 1982 Type: Loose-leaf collection Languages: German Format: folder with brochures, DIN A4 Scope: ca. 170 p., numerous images

Unheeded forms of production

This publication, produced as part of the Unbeachtete Produktionsformen project, is as experimental as the exhibition format itself. A gray folder contains a collection of A4-format materials, including documentary images, thoughts on publicity and communication, poems, interviews, film tips, and a hand-drawn plan of the exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien. In the foreword, the working group write: “The catalogue, in its incompleteness and makeshift diversity, will be the only remaining relic. Traces that set in motion the laughter, the crying and gnashing of teeth, giving an idea of the day-to-day muddling through, the tinkering with utopia, causing the déja-vu to explode.” This project, realized in the face of major resistance within the nGbK, was dedicated to women, to their emancipation, their freedom and self-determination.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Jula Dech, Monika Funke, Sabine D. Kaatzer, Ingrid Krolow, Christine Liebel, Matthis Mann, Margarete Raspé, Beatrice Stammer, Renate Steinchen, Gisela Weimann, Lo Zahn