Zwischen Elbe und Wolga

Year: 1988 Type: Print publication Languages: German Cooperation: Edition Braus, Heidelberg

Between the Elbe and the Volga

This photography book published by Edition Braus presents 16 artists from Eastern Europe and East Germany. In his poetic introductory essay “Photography as Metaphor,” Akinbode Akinbiyi writes: “The latent image, the light-sensitive fiction that gradually, via various processes, becomes visible, perceivable. A long, often arduous chain of decisions, considerations, impulses, desperations, until the photograph finally emerges, suddenly taking on a life of its own.” As a British-Nigerian artist, he is not included with any art works in this compilation that features, for example, Ulrich Wüst and Evelyn Richter from East Germany, or Anna Bohdziewicz and Zofia Rydet from Poland. What the participating artists have in common is an awareness of their geopolitical, social, and historical past—the catalogue presents them with a biography, a list of exhibitions, and illustrations.

Ed.: ZANGO e.V. Fotoforum München