Chilenas – Artiste cilene tra censura ed esilio

Year: 1985 Type: Print publication Languages: Italian

Chilenas – Artists between censorship and exile
This publication is the abridged and reworked Italian version of the catalogue for the exhibition Chilenas at Kunstamt Kreuzberg which then travelled to Rome. It presents 40 women artists from Chile who have addressed the themes of censorship and exile; living either in Chile or in various European countries, they make works on paper, paintings, photographs, objects, videos, and installations. The working group wanted to find out how women artists had processed a decade of military dictatorship in their work. Each of the artists—including Ana Maria Rojas, Lotty Rosenfeld, Pilar Dominguez, and Gimena Vivanco—is presented on a double spread with a biography, text, and illustration. There is a special focus on Chilean artists who have emigrated to Italy.

Work group: Ruth Bonin, Gina Cánepa-Hurtado, Antje Finger, Adelheid Krämer, Wolfgang Langer, Angelika Löw, Ineke Phaf, Theodore Radke, Brigitte Scharafi-Ebgha, Ilse Schimpf-Herken, Margret Schneller, Annette von Schönfeld



Chilenas – Drinnen und Draußen

Type: Print publication