Chilenas – Drinnen und Draußen

Year: 1982 Type: Print publication Languages: German Format: 21 cm, softcover Scope: 159 p, numerous images Cooperation: Kunstamt Kreuzberg

Chilenas – Inside and outside
The catalogue for the nGbK exhibition of the same name at Kunstamt Kreuzberg presents 45 women artists from Chile who have addressed the theme of censorship and exile, and who live either in Chile or in various European countries, making works on paper, paintings, photographs, objects, videos, and installations. Research for the show began at the Chilean Cultural Center in Berlin, where a working group was formed to find out how women artists had processed a decade of military dictatorship in their works. The catalogue looks at the history of Chilean painting and the role of women, before focusing in on the issues of censorship and exile. Each of the artists—including Patricia Mora, Lotty Rosenfeld, Alma Martinoya, and Margarita Pellegrini—is presented on a double spread with a biography, text, and illustration, juxtaposing work made in Chile with that of exiled artists.

Hg.: nGbK und Kunstamt Kreuzberg

Arbeitsgruppe: Ruth Bonin, Gina Cánepa-Hurtado, Antje Finger, Adelheid Krämer, Wolfgang Langer, Angelika Löw, Ineke Phaf, Theodore Radke, Brigitte Scharafi-Ebgha, Ilse Schimpf-Herken, Margret Schneller, Annette von Schönfeld

Mit Beiträgen von: Miriam Bergholz, Cecilia Boisier, Teresa Calderón, Cecilia Casanova, Ana Maria Foxley, Constanza Lira, Carmen Orrego, Brigitte Scharafi-Ebgha, Natasha Valdés, Leonora Vicuña



Chilenas – Artiste cilene tra censura ed esilio

Type: Print publication