Aus der Produktion 1980–86

Year: 1986 Type: Print publication Languages: German

Endart. Selected productions 1980–86

The 36th RealismusStudio publication is a small, entertaining book about the Endart artists’ group that was founded in 1980, opening its own gallery at Oranienstrasse 36 one year later. At the time, the group’s core members were Ralf Arens, Karl-Heinz Kahne, Gert Lüer, Peter Meseck, and Klaus Theuerkauf, described by Norbert Stratmann as follows: “They never hawk their wares, they never flatter critics or gallerists, they don’t try to make important friends. Endart is clean. If they feel the need, nothing is too embarrassing.” The space on Oranienstrasse was a place for all kinds of people, a gallery, workshop, kitchen, and music studio, “somewhere to hang out, to smoke and drink.” The publication includes short interviews with Wurstmaxe about currywurst and with Nick Christ about singing in the subway, a motley selection of images, and a list of exhibitions hosted by Endart.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Dieter Ruckhaberle, Beatrice Stammer, Norbert Stratmann, Frank Wagner