Curating through Conflict with Care

Sat, 1.1.22 – Tue, 30.4.24 Type: Research project

Sat, 2.9.–3.9.23, 10.30–5.00 pm

“This Land Belongs To Us. We Belong To This Land”

Community Practice and Mural Painting with Vicky Shahjehan (CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS)

Type: Workshop Location: nGbK am Alex

Gernot Bubenik

“The hope was to invent a structure, statutes that would be different from all others, in order to be able to develop democratic behaviour.”

8.7.09 Type: Interview


Aus der Produktion 1980–86

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the book

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Catriona Shaw 2010-2012. Stipend art education NGBK

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Self Made Urbanism Rome (S.M.U.R.)

Informal Common Grounds of a Metropolitan Area

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vermittlung vermitteln

Fragen, Forderungen und Versuchsanordnungen von Kunstvermittler*innen im 21. Jahrhundert

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