nGbK Verlagsverzeichnis 2020/21

Year: 2020 Type: PDF, E-Pub Languages: German Format: 29,6 x 21 cm Scope: 30 p, numerous images, color and b/w ISBN: 978-3-938515-81-5, 978-3-938515-82-2

In this year’s publisher’s brochure, the philosopher and visual artist Judith Siegmund asks in her essay »Where is publishing in the nGbK heading?« (German) and deals with the future of electronic book production. How is publishing changing in the light of the globalisation of the print market and what opportunities does digitalisation offer in a strongly economised field?
The updated directory lists all publications published since 1969. The 450 titles are recorded via a keyword index - a discourse space that spins additional red threads through four terms of the nGbK »Wissensspeicher« on Memorial, New Worlds, City and Feminism through the long-standing thematic fields of nGbK publications.

With a preview on the new nGbK publications 2020/2021, which will appear in the nGbK, but also in ADOCS and Merve.





nGbK Verlagsverzeichnis 2019

50 Jahre – 440 Publikationen

Type: Print publication, PDF, E-Pub

Judith Siegmund: Zwischen selbstgestalteten Künstlerbüchern und den Produkten eines digitalen globalen Buchmarkts

Wohin entwickelt sich das Publizieren in der nGbK?

25.3.20 Type: Essay