Year: 1987 Type: Print publication Languages: German ISBN: none

In the winter of 1987/88, the Pandem project at the nGbK showed paintings by five women and one man: Marietheres Finkeldei, Doris Hoppe, Elisabeth Luchesi, Uschi Niehaus, Erich Schlenter, and Ursula Ziegeler. It was an attempt to highlight pictorial processes, intended as a reflection on artistic approaches. The word “pandem” refers to “tandem,” referring here not to a binary entity but to a multiplicity, a plurality of thinking. The catalogue devotes several pages to each painter with illustrations, a brief biography, and in some cases texts by the artists. The book ends with three text sketches by Serge Margel on the nerve, the gesture, and the step.

With contributions by: Serge Margel